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How to Select a Freight Forwarder for Shipping Perishables

When it comes to importing and exporting perishables—from fruits and vegetables to seafood and live plants—maintaining the cold chain across borders is a tall order....
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The Textile Industry & Air Freight Shipping: A Perfect Match

Like New York City, fashion never sleeps. However, the fashion industry would falter without its partner in crime—the textile industry. Together, the textile and clothing...
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Apparel Shipping by Air: Fast fashion, high fashion and more

What goes around comes around in fashion. From haute couture and luxury designer brands, to apparel samples and other garments, high fashion has long taken...
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Shipping Berries by Air from Central America and Beyond

Global demand for fresh berries is on the rise from year-round tastes for ever-popular strawberries and blueberries to growing appetites for raspberries and blackberries. Many...
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Bring Your Berry Business to Fruition with the Help of CAFTA DR

Did you know that the U.S. imports roughly 9.3 million pounds of fresh raspberries and 21 million pounds of fresh blackberries into the country every...
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Amerijet’s GCX Service Makes Shipping Easy

If you are an automotive manufacturer or an original equipment manufacturer, Amerijet’s General Cargo Express (GCX) shipping services ensure your vehicle parts arrive to the...
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Shipping Pets – What You Should Know

People often consider their pets as members of the family—we know we do! If ever a time arises in which a pet requires shipping, the...
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Amerijet New York Offers Easy, Fast Reliable Cargo Shipping

Amerijet International is more than just an airline; the culture of our company and the values we foster guide our relationships with our customers. Amerijet’s...
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