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Staying Ahead of the Digital Supply Chain

Electronic data interchange (EDI) has come a long way and is the backbone of many commerce transactions. While EDI has been around in earlier forms...
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How to Ship High-Value Products to Avoid Loss

Cargo theft, no matter the transportation mode, is serious business. Cargo losses worldwide due to theft reached $22.6 billion in 2015, according to BSI’s 2015...
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Amerijet Looks Back at the History of Air Cargo

Ever wonder about how cargo by air got its start? The first known air cargo flight occurred on a Wright Brothers aircraft between Dayton and...
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Questions to Ask Your Air Carrier About Shipping Cold-Chain Pharmaceuticals

Did you know that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics are the fastest-growing pharmaceutical segment? The growth of cold-chain drugs and biologics will outpace overall industry sales...
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Pharmaceutical Shipping Solutions For a Modern Market

Did you know that airlines are responsible for about 50% of the success of pharmaceutical shipments? If you are an exporter of pharmaceutical products or...
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3 Important Benefits of Air Cargo Charters

At Amerijet, we understand how urgent shipping can be. We also understand how useful air cargo charter planes are when quickly transporting cargo, especially unique...
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Horses by Air to the Caribbean and Beyond

Shipping your precious horses by air can’t be left to just any air carrier. Highly prized race horses and show horses are among those animals...
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Spending a Few Months at Sea? Here Are Some Things You Need to Know

The open sea is calling. Both yacht lovers and speedboat enthusiasts alike are spending more time living offshore. Of course, the Caribbean is still the...
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