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Amerijet International Airlines is the First U.S. All-Cargo Airline To Earn CEIV Certification

Fort Lauderdale – Amerijet International is the first all-cargo airline of U.S. origin to earn IATA’s CEIV-Pharma certification after being awarded the designation on June...
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Travelers with Excess Personal Items have the Option of Amerijet Shipping

Travelers coming to the United States for extended periods of time often have plenty of extra personal items that need during their stay. They also...
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Amerijet Safely Transports Your Livestock and Other Animals to Amerijet Destinations

Businesses that specialize in selling livestock and cattle know how crucial it is to have a reliable, trustworthy partner when animals need to be transported...
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Amerijet ready to meet all small business shipping needs

It can be challenging and stressful running a small business. There’s a lot to balance, from the money coming in to the spending going out....
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Amerijet’s MyCargo Accounts offer easy, convenient online shipping tools

For people who have regular packages that need to be shipped, the entire process couldn’t possibly be easier if they’re using Amerijet. In fact, it’s...
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Maintaining safety at all times, even with dangerous goods

Small businesses need to ship thousands of products every year, but the process can go from routine to complex, even frustrating, if any of the...
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Regulatory compliance with dangerous goods, at all times

Small businesses need to ship thousands of products every year. The process can go from routine to complex if any of the items being shipped...
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Hazmat by Air and Ground Requires Safe Travel

Shippers of hazardous materials (“hazmat”) or what are known as dangerous goods vary widely and include well-known manufacturers of electronics (even of smartphones) and components,...
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