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3 Reasons to Choose Amerijet Full-Service Trucking

Looking for reliable and economical U.S. domestic trucking service? Amerijet International, Inc., an all-cargo air carrier and full-service transportation provider based in Miami, offers seamless...
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Trade Show And Exhibit Shipping Success

In a competitive business environment, trade shows offer plenty of opportunities for companies eager to find new clients and boost their sales. Purchasing space at...
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Amerijet is ready to expertly handle last-minute cargo shipping needs

For a lot of small businesses owners and managers, time is critical for fulfilling last minute customer orders month-end December – particularly when it comes...
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Shipping Made Fast And Easy For You and Your Business

Running a small business is no easy task, especially when it comes to shipping. During the holidays, items fly off the shelves due to great...
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Staying Ahead of the Digital Supply Chain

Electronic data interchange (EDI) has come a long way and is the backbone of many commerce transactions. While EDI has been around in earlier forms...
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How to Ship High-Value Products to Avoid Loss

Cargo theft, no matter the transportation mode, is serious business. Cargo losses worldwide due to theft reached $22.6 billion in 2015, according to BSI’s 2015...
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Amerijet Looks Back at the History of Air Cargo

Ever wonder about how cargo by air got its start? The first known air cargo flight occurred on a Wright Brothers aircraft between Dayton and...
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Questions to Ask Your Air Carrier About Shipping Cold-Chain Pharmaceuticals

Did you know that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics are the fastest-growing pharmaceutical segment? The growth of cold-chain drugs and biologics will outpace overall industry sales...
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