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How to Take the Stress out of Shipping Cars


Whether you’re shipping the family vehicle or a rare, classic car, you want to make sure the entire process is as easy and worry-free as possible. The good news is shipping cars doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some simple tips to make sure you have a satisfied experience.

  • Choose the right vehicle shipping company—Not all vehicle shipping companies are the same. You need to make sure the company you choose has a lot of experience shipping cars. They should offer many different ways to transport the car, a proven method for loading and unloading cars, and service to destinations throughout the world.
  • Plan ahead—The earlier you can start planning your car shipment the better. This gives you time to find the right shipping company and the best rates. It also allows you to prepare your car for shipping by cleaning it out and taking photos for insurance purposes.
  • Get shipping insurance—Speaking of insurance, it’s always wise to get shipping insurance. This ensures that you’re covered should any damage occur to your vehicle. Always ask your shipping company about the details of their insurance policies.
  • Track your shipment online—Knowing where your shipment is at all times will give you peace of mind. Amerijet offers real-time tracking for all shipments, letting you check up on your shipment 24/7.

Amerijet has been shipping cars of all types for many years. Whether you need to ship domestically or internationally, we can help. To learn more about shipping cars, please visit www.amerijet.com today.

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