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You Know You’ve Chosen the Right Perishable Shipping Company If…


Perishable shipping is a delicate task that requires the oversight of a true perishable shipping expert. Finding the right shipping company to handle your perishable goods is of the utmost importance, and it can help ensure your shipments reach their destination in fresh condition.

How can you be sure you’ve chosen the right perishable shipping company? Here are some positive characteristics the best perishable shipping companies share.

  • They have extensive perishable shipping experience—Experience matters when it comes to perishable shipping. These delicate goods have to be handled in a very precise manner in order to ensure their safe delivery. An experienced company with a solid track record will understand how to best handle and transport perishables.
  • They handle all types of perishables—Perishables come in all different forms, such as fish, flowers, chocolate, medications, and much more. You need a perishable shipping company that has experience handling all types of perishable goods.
  • They offer temperature-controlled storage at each transit point—To preserve the cool chain integrity of your perishable shipment, you need to use a shipping company that offers refrigerated and frozen storage at each of their transit points.


Amerijet (www.amerijet.com) is a recognized leader in perishable shipping. With years of experience, the ability to handle all types of perishable cargo, and advanced storage capabilities at all transit points, we offer perishable shipping solutions few others can match.

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