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The Textile Industry & Air Freight Shipping: A Perfect Match

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Like New York City, fashion never sleeps. However, the fashion industry would falter without its partner in crime—the textile industry. Together, the textile and clothing industries account for 4.3 percent of the worlds merchandise exports. What’s more, over the past several years the global textile industry has become one of the most important industries, contributing significantly to global economic growth. China alone exports over $274 billion in textiles.

While the U.S. exports over 14 million in textiles, most of the textile production comes from other countries. According to MoreThanShipping.com, textile manufacturing requires the kind of intensive labor that only developing countries can provide. Those countries can utilize their abundance of labor to enter the market and begin building their own industrial economy.

However, not all of the top textile exporters, and importers, are developing countries. Some of the Top 100 Overall Technical Textile Markets include Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica, Haiti and more.

Because the textile industry is global, it relies heavily on international transportation and shipping. According to Just Style, the lifeblood of the fast fashion industry is primarily speed to market – meaning that in many cases, ocean and truck shipping no longer cut it. For example, shipping a textile ocean shipment could take weeks to reach its destination, due to things like rogue water conditions, poor weather, stops at various ports and limited ship speeds. A truck shipment would also take weeks due to speed limits, required truck stops, weigh stations, traffic and frequent fuel stops.

In order to fulfill demand, textile manufactures need to utilize air freight shipping. This cost-efficient option cuts transportation time, saves money and allows textiles to arrive at their destination in days, rather than week. At Amerijet we provide air freight shipping for textile and clothing industries all over the world, including those in developing countries.

Amerijet International, a Miami-based all-cargo carrier offering shipping services to more than 625 destinations worldwide. With 25 offices in the U.S., Amerijet provides regular scheduled service to and from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and South America. Need to ship your textiles? Please click here for a quote.

For more information, please visit www.amerijet.com or call our MIA Station at 305-593-2997.

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