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Horses by Air to the Caribbean and Beyond

shipping horses

Shipping your precious horses by air can’t be left to just any air carrier. Highly prized race horses and show horses are among those animals commonly shipped to and from the Caribbean and Mexico. These include many prized thoroughbred horses bound for competition races in the Caribbean; including Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and in the Dominican which are shipped by air from points in the U.S. and Europe.

Whether shipping race horses, jumpers, dressage horses, polo horses or a horse purchased at a U.S. auction for a private collector, transporting animals by air requires extreme care which starts with advance planning.

Miami-based all-cargo carrier Amerijet International works closely with animal brokers, horse owners, breeders and handlers as well as animal transportation companies to ensure the entire shipping process goes smoothly.

Amerijet animal desk

Amerijet’s dedicated animal handling desk, staffed by trained professionals, plan and coordinate all the details of every horse movement. With over 40 years of experience in transporting live animals, Amerijet’s primary objective is to provide the utmost care for all animals on the ground and in the air.

Horse stalls and documentation

When horses transit by air, arrangements include door-to-door transfer of the animal, often with the horse’s groom or handler traveling with the horse. Horse stalls must be approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Many animal handling companies will provide the shipper with TSA-approved horse stall rentals as well as transfer services to and from the airport.

Accurate shipping documentation, complying with country-specific import requirements and the well-being of the horse are the most important elements when transporting horses internationally. To ensure the horse’s care before, during and after the flight, Amerijet allows horse handlers on board its freighters to care for the horse during the fight. The handling and transportation processes are tailored for the special needs of each horse transport. Amerijet fully complies with the strict requirements of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animals Regulations.

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