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3 Important Benefits of Air Cargo Charters

Air Cargo Shipment

At Amerijet, we understand how urgent shipping can be. We also understand how useful air cargo charter planes are when quickly transporting cargo, especially unique cargo. According to Air Charter Advisors, air cargo charters are becoming increasingly popular, both for businesses and individuals.

Thinking about using air cargo charter planes for your shipping needs?

Here are some important benefits to consider:

  1. Flexibility – Air cargo charters allow for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to shipping. Not only do charter planes fly to commercial airports, but they also fly to smaller, less crowded airports and remote areas.

Heavy-duty machines, such as oilrigs, that need repairs but are in remote locations can cost a company millions when they’re broken. Air charters deliver machine parts to these places, cutting down repair time and lost-profit.

What’s more, charter planes also allow for the expressed shipping of temperature sensitive cargo, such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Live animals
  • Frozen foods
  • Hazardous materials
  • High-value items

If you own and operate your own food delivery service that specializes in shipping ingredients for specific recipes, you may want to consider using charter planes. This will allow for your food to safely fly from your HQ to your customers—wherever they may be.

  1. Fast Shipping – In addition to flexibility, charter planes allow for fast, express shipping. Charter planes also do not have the same time restrictions as commercial planes and can travel wherever,

As a result, charters are great for last minute packages, emergency shipments and cargo that are on a deadline.

  1. Convenience – Air cargo charters are also very convenient. Charters are available around the clock and have no size restrictions. Charters can even be filled to ship just one shipment if need be. What’s more, charters fly all over the world and can be found almost anywhere. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to regular cargo flights.

Amerijet offers 24 hour Air Charter Services to support your urgent cargo shipping needs. These air charter services are offered worldwide, using a variety of aircraft including, but not limited to our B727-200 and B767-200 fleet.

Amerijet stations can be found all over the world and in almost every state within the U.S.

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