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Pharmaceutical Shipping Solutions For a Modern Market

Pharmaceutical Shipping

Did you know that airlines are responsible for about 50% of the success of pharmaceutical shipments?

If you are an exporter of pharmaceutical products or biopharmaceuticals, you know that temperature sensitivity has become a growing concern in recent years.

The integrity of air shipments will make or break the success of pharmaceutical businesses.

At Amerijet, we take that seriously.

Our Miami location operates directly out of Miami International Airport, which became the very first airport in the U.S. (and second in the world) to become a designated “Pharma Hub” airport this past year.

Millions of new prescription drugs are shipped out of Miami every year (to people around the world who need it most), and we are proud to be an airline that supports the pharmaceutical business.

From Puerto Rico to Indiana, California and North Carolina, pharmaceutical exporters rely on effective and reliable air freight practices to ensure their products arrive at their destinations safely.

Amerijet stays up-to-date on the most effective pharmaceutical shipping practices to achieve this goal.

The Challenge of Modern Pharmaceutical Exports

Just a few years ago, companies could ship many products at ambient temperatures. However, with the advent of new medicines and pharmaceutical products come stricter shipping and temperature requirements.

According to PharmTech.com, new biopharmaceuticals and other prescription drugs must be shipped between 15°F to 25°C to maintain their quality.

Today, most pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters want to reduce logistics, supply chain and operational budgets.

However, new shipping requirements make it difficult to achieve this goal.

Shipping pharmaceuticals has become more of a “mobile form of storage” according to Volker Kirschner, Director of Temperature Control Solutions at World Courier Management Co.

Also, severe temperature spikes can have a drastic impact on the overall quality of these products. Unfortunately, the traditional passive temperature control shipping process no longer meets the mark.

“Temperature excursions, customs delays, packaging breakdowns, incorrect shipping, and packing choice are all risks inherent in today’s global logistics market,” said Sue Lee, global technical portfolio manager for World Courier.

The Practical Solution

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical exporters should always opt for an air freight provider that knows how to handle all types of medical products. They should also use an airline that knows how to put both active and passive temperature controls in place. 

With passive temperature control, pharmaceuticals or other drugs are insulated with polystyrene, polyurethane or vacuum-insulated panels. The advantage to this strategy is that it does not require a power supply.

However, active temperature control offers greater protection for more sensitive pharmaceutical products. It offers more predictable temperature regulation through containers that keep products in a temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to +20 degrees Celsius.

At Amerijet, we know how to use both active and passive temperature controls to provide a safe, secure and reliable shipping environment for your products.

Amerijet Goes Above and Beyond

Healthcare logistics has little room for error, and advanced temperature controls are essential to protecting your bottom line.

At Amerijet, we understand how sensitive these products are and how crucial it is that they remain insulated and protected.

We work with pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters from around the globe to find the most secure shipping solution that meets their needs.

Do you need greater peace of mind with your pharmaceutical shipments?

We have decades of experience in handling perishable shipments and stay up-to-date with new regulations and shipping requirements.

When drugs are new to the market or have new temperature requirements, Amerijet can ensure the products arrive at their destination uncompromised.

We will consult with you one-on-one to create the best shipping solution to meet your needs. Whether you are shipping generic pharmaceutical products, diagnostic specimens, biotherapeutics or more, Amerijet has you covered!

Contact us today to develop a shipping plan that is best for you and your company.

At Amerijet, shipping your pharmaceutical products safely and efficiently is our primary concern. We know you will feel comfortable putting your precious cargo in Amerijet’s hands!