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Trade Show And Exhibit Shipping Success

Tradeshow shipping

In a competitive business environment, trade shows offer plenty of opportunities for companies eager to find new clients and boost their sales. Purchasing space at a trade show also provides the ideal platform to showcase your products and services to the public. They enable your business to make personal connections, face to face.

Trade shows are also a cost-effective way of getting new sales. It’s been estimated that the cost of attending a trade show is nearly 40 percent less than hiring a team to make sales calls. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in your booth — just be creative in presenting your products. Use your time there in a cost-effective manner to demonstrate how your products are used, their durability, and how they can help the customer. When people can see a product in action, they’re more likely to make on-the-spot purchases or advance orders. In fact, trade shows are the number one business-to-business marketing plan to support sales.

With that in mind, the one thing a company doesn’t want to do is lose money at a trade show by arranging for their products to get shipped to the event … only to encounter an unforeseen act of schedule change or transport re-route. There’s a lot of careful planning that goes into turning an industry trade show into a success, and the timely shipment of display materials is a key to that. In fact, trade shows operate on tight schedules, and businesses need to be sure they arrive early enough to set things up before the crowds walk in the doors. That means being confident that your shipments arrive on time for the morning set up.

Likewise, if the company is based in the United States and is attending a trade show overseas, they need to be doubly sure that their shipments arrive in a timely manner. It is important to have real-time shipment visibility, alert and cargo tracking to keep you informed every step of way.

At Amerijet, we understand that organizing materials for a trade show is about more than picking up shipments at Point A and delivering them to the final destination. At Amerijet, we’re all about shipping, offering a variety of services to meet every day shipping needs. But we also have years of experience in shipping for trade shows.

We know how to guarantee that critical shipments will move from the warehouse to the show site precisely on schedule –and intact as well.

Amerijet provides cargo shipping solutions to meet tradeshow deadlines. Our services include:

Express Cargo Shipping (CGX) – which guarantees your shipment will be transported on the next available flight, regardless of the destination. GCX ships freight of any size and provides shipment tracking to allow you to monitor your package throughout its journey. This is a good option for trade shows since it ensures your package won’t get there early – or late. GCX is also beneficial for crucial, last minute items.

Charter Services — – Amerijet offers 24-hour Air Charter service to support urgent cargo shipping needs. These air charters are available worldwide and convenient for shipments to busy, commercial airports. This is also a good option for companies shipping larger trade show pieces to expos near smaller, private airports.

General Cargo — Amerijet’s Standard Air Freight Cargo shipping service connects 627 destinations airport-to-airport worldwide. This provides international transportation solutions for general dry freight of any size. General cargo is especially good for those hosting trade shows, since we have experience shipping the necessary framework for the trade show set up, including booths, tables, signs, banners, and more.

Other services include:

Amerijet understands the shipping demands of those hosting and participating in trade shows and expos. Amerijet has extensive experience successfully shipping dry goods, temperature controlled items, fragile items, hazardous materials, heavy weight items, and more. We have also shipped items to more than 600 destinations worldwide.

Amerijet is your partner in this, the key resource to simplify your Trade Show logistics and to provide fast and reliable transport of your goods.

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