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Sending cargo shipments to San Juan?

San Juan is a popular destination, and shipments to the city are quite common. The Port of San Juan in San Juan Bay is the...
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Start thinking now about early holiday shipping preparations with Amerijet

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday season. Gone are the days when people did all their holiday shopping at the last...
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Importers of Fresh Fish can rely on Amerijet’s experience to deliver their shipments

Importing fresh fish is big business. There are a lot of fisheries and fish packing plants that export fresh, frozen and live seafood from Central...
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Shipping electronics is made fast and easy with the experienced Amerijet team

These days, electronics are no longer products that people buy and then hold onto for a decade or more. In fact, as advances in technology...
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Amerijet has convenient stations in most major cities in the U.S.

Not only is Amerijet your partner for all your cargo shipping needs, we also have shipping centers across the country to make transporting your cargo...
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Students studying in the Caribbean have a great partner in Amerijet

The fall school semester in just weeks away from starting up in mid-August, and for students planning to attend college, this is a very exciting...
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Amerijet International Airlines is the First U.S. All-Cargo Airline To Earn CEIV Certification

Fort Lauderdale – Amerijet International is the first all-cargo airline of U.S. origin to earn IATA’s CEIV-Pharma certification after being awarded the designation on June...
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Travelers with Excess Personal Items have the Option of Amerijet Shipping

Travelers coming to the United States for extended periods of time often have plenty of extra personal items that need during their stay. They also...
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